i am incredibly curious about the built environment, the objects that surround us, and the stories they tell. stories about their users and makers, and critically what they reflect about humankind. since the things we create exist in close connection to ourselves, our culture, and our environment.

in practice, this is as much about listening and reflecting as it is about creating and making. it begins by not just considering how something looks, but how one experiences it, how it makes people feel. that's why i see design not just as a manifestation of great intent and focus toward an object, but also as an expression of deep care and respect for one another.

all of this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. i deeply believe in the power and joy of collaboration to foster imagination, learning, and nurturing new ideas.

i strive to create experiences that are meticulous in every detail, put clarity over noise and honesty above all - with a profound optimism for our future.