alto brings the next generation of connectivity, it integrates a magical new way of communicating, all in an impressive design. finally, a router that no longer needs to stay hidden.


the tapered anodized aluminum body gently leans back to make the display easier to read, creating a structure that prioritizes height to optimize reception. the entire front consists of one piece of glass, making it permeable to radio waves. alto integrates 5g, the next generation in wireless communication for fast internet reception.
a single cord provides power, so alto is ready to use the moment it is plugged in. the generous always-on display utilizes e-ink technology providing high contrast while delivering excellent readability with remarkably low power consumption.

hardware and software are brought together in a unique way that blurs the line between them. the visible antenna on the front glass is continued on the display and dynamically changes so alerts and activities can be viewed and accessed directly in one place - all without a separate app or user manual.

to ensure reception quality and coverage in large or multi-story living environments, an accompanying extender was designed to complete the product family.
alto+ mirrors alto's design language and choice of materials and incorporates a smaller e-ink display as a status indicator.


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