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in the pursuit of defining comfort within the contours of modern living, cove stands as a testament to personal expression and tranquility. the result is a sofa that transcends utility, creating a place where conversations find their rhythm and the mind finds its sanctuary.


seat, back and side arms form one uninterrupted cushion to create a continuous shape that encompasses the body. rich fabric embraces your senses, inviting you to experience a visual and tactile journey.

the individual parts are connected by a zip and then fastened to the frame by screws. the construction allows the seat and back to be rolled up, allowing efficient transportation and packaging for a piece of furniture that is traditionally hard to carry and move.

the structure is based on a modular system that allows cove to be expressed as a three-seater or daybed. available in an array of six carefully crafted colors, it effortlessly complements any interior.


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