collaboration with
felix hoffmann
thien thanh vo

patera is a unique reimagination of a sink and faucet with a sculptural appearance. because all elements were conceived in unison, it presents as a completely singular object.


the sturdy pedestal grounds the entire structure and securely encompasses the meticulously shaped sink made of polished limestone while exposing its natural color and structure.
the pedestal, socket, inlet pipe, and faucet are made of bead-blasted stainless steel. its matte texture and warm earthy color harmonize with the spectrum of the limestone and complement the composition while putting a visual focus on the wash basin.

the faucet inspires with its graceful simplicity. when you stand in front of it, it looks as if it is floating. water flow is activated by simply pulling the faucet and creates a broad stream.
the removable stone slab offers an additional level and thus extends the path of the water before it flows discreetly over the edge.


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