collaboration with
felix hoffmann

stephan is a bicycle light that can be fitted on a broad range of bikes and features a fast and easy way to attach and detach while retaining an incredibly small footprint.


visibility is vital to the safety of night cyclists. whether it means being able to see the road in front or being visible to other road users.
by not just designing a single bicycle light but developing a range of accessories with it, we were able to create a complete attachment system to retrofit almost every bike with a safe and simple to use bicycle light.

the light housing is angled to also direct light onto the ground without losing luminosity. an integrated reflector at the top further expands visibility for approaching vehicles, while the compact housing makes it easily pocketable.

stephan is fast and securely attached with a bayonet connector and charged over usb-c. to activate the light, one simply double-taps on top of the housing.

a collection of complementary accessories was designed together with stephan that enables it to be securely mounted to a range of attachment points on different kinds of bikes and even adds functionality beyond the use as a bicycle light.


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